Comparison of the Characteristics of ONYX BOOX Electronic Books

ONYX BOOX Kon-Tiki 2
Kon-Tiki 2
US$ 299.99
ONYX BOOX Nova 3 Color
Nova 3 Color
Display size 7.8 inch 7.8 inch
Resolution 1872 x 1404 1872 x 1404
Display type Carta Plus Kaleido Plus
CPU 8-core 8-core
Audio jack No No
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
ROM size 32 GB 32 GB
Case included Yes No
OS Android Android
Touch sensitive screen Capacitive Inductive + capacitive
SNOW Field Yes Yes
MOON Light lighting Yes Yes
SD card support Via OTG adaptor Via OTG adaptor
Size LxWxH, mm 197 x 137 x 7.70 197 x 137 x 7.70
Weight, g 265 265