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13.3" screen is a perfect choice to read educational and technical literature. Also the reader can be used as a second display when connected via the HDMI-input. Two sensor layers allow to operate the book comfortably and make notes while reading.

MAX 2 Black
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Nova Pro

The premium eReader with a screen of a larger diagonal 7.8” and high resolution. Suitable for fiction and technical texts.

Nova Pro Black
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Monte Cristo 4

Monte Cristo 4 is a device of premium quality which has outstanding technical specifications. This model has a thin aluminum alloy casing and ASAHI protective glass. Case Included!

Monte Cristo 4 Black
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Vasco da Gama 3

The newest E Ink Carta screen with a MOON Light+ system, touch control, the SNOW Field function and outstanding technical specifications.

Vasco da Gama 3 Black
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Caesar 3

Caesar 2 is a simple model with excellent technical characteristics and the superb E Ink Carta screen with the MOON Light+ system and the SNOW Field function.

Caesar 3 Black
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