MAX Lumi

A top-end e-book reader with a 13.3-inch E Ink Mobius Carta screen with MoonLight 2 illumination and protective glass. An ideal choice for those who have to read educational or technical literature, for musicians and programmers.

Note 3

Combining a 10.3-inch enlarged screen, comfortable operation and high speed, this model is perfect for reading educational and technical literature. The powerful processor combined with 4 GB of RAM allows you to work comfortably with any, even the most voluminous documents.

Note Air

A model with a large 10.3-inch backlit screen and a powerful hardware platform. Perfect for both reading fiction and studying technical documentation in PDF.

Nova 3 Color

Reader with 7.8 inch color backlit screen and dual touch controls. Compact and powerful, it is a great choice for those who combine reading fiction, working with documents, and reading comics.

Nova 3

7.8 inch backlit reader with dual touchscreen control. Compact and powerful, it will be an excellent choice for those who combine reading fiction and working with technical documents.

Kon-Tiki 2

A model with an enlarged screen with touch control and a flicker-free backlight. Perfect for both reading fiction and working with documents.

Poke 2 Color

The first model in the range of ONYX products with a color screen. It is made in a compact thin case and has outstanding technical specifications. The device comes with a practical and convenient protective cover case.

Poke 3

The premium 6-inch model is designed in a compact, slim body with outstanding performance. The reader features the latest generation E Ink Carta Plus screen with MOON Light 2 backlight and SNOW Field function.


A lightweight version of the premium Monte Cristo 5 reader featuring an E Ink Carta screen and outstanding technical features. It has a slim aluminum body and ASAHI safety glass.


The device comes with a smart cover which not only provides effective protection of the screen, but when closed turns automatically the device into a sleep mode. On its right side there are convenient scrolling buttons. The built-in G-sensor automatically selects the correct text orientation when the device is rotated.

Darwin 7

The latest E Ink Carta Plus screen and an impressive set of specifications in a compact ergonomic body.

Faust 2

A model with a 6-inch E Ink Carta screen with backlight and touch control, with a basic set of functions and optimal technical characteristics. The best choice for everyday reading.

Volta 2

The model is made in a modern ergonomic case. It has an E Ink Carta screen with MOON Light 2 backlight and touch control. A cover is supplied with the reader.

Monte Cristo 5

Monte Cristo 5 is a device of premium quality which has outstanding technical specifications. This model has a thin aluminum alloy casing and ASAHI protective glass. Case Included!