About the company

The ONYX International company organized in 2006, is one of the leading producers of devices for reading electronic books. It realizes a full production cycle of these devices – from working out the design and the software to the conveyor assembly of the devices.

A distinctive feature of ONYX electronic books is use of modern E-Ink screens and original design of the models. All the devices have high-performance processors and powerful accumulators allowing one to use them up to a month in an autonomous mode. Some models have additional features, such as a touch screen function, possibility of the Internet connection through a Wi-Fi network, etc.

The products of ONYX International are exported into a number of the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, the USA and Singapore. According to the overall results in 2010, the products of Onyx International occupied about 15% of the Russian legal market of devices for reading electronic books. In February, 2011, the readers of ONYX BOOX became the first electronic books with E-ink Pearl displays oficially presented in Russia, in June, 2011, the first E-book with a 9,7 in. E-ink Pearl screen (ONYX BOOX M91S Odysseus) appeared in Russia.

ONYX became the first company in Russia and the third in the world who presented a device with E-Ink Pearl screens (ONYX BOOX A61S Hamlet), the first in the world produced a reader with a display having 12:1 contrast (ONYX BOOX M91S Odysseus), and also made the first-ever electronic book with a high resolution E Ink Pearl HD touch screen (ONYX BOOX A62 Hercule Poirot).

ONYX became the first company in Russia who presented in the market an electronic book with an HD screen and illumination (ONYX BOOX i62ML Aurora model). This model was acknowledged being the best device for reading electronic books presented in the Russian market according to the expert jury's version of the annual National Award "Product of the Year". More than once ONYX devices have received Russian and international awards in various nominations.

Now about 1300 employees work in the ONYX International company. Additional information about the company and their products can be found on onyx-boox.ru.