BOOX Note Air 10.3" E-Ink tablet features an adjustable front light and 5.8 mm thickness

Use the BOOX Note Air 10.3″ E-Ink tablet to get creative with a built-in adjustable front light that allows you to see clearly without any eye strain. Plus, its 5.8 mm thickness makes it comfortable and ergonomic to hold. Furthermore, you can read and annotate any file, and you can add bookmarks. And its A5-size display is designed to help you read effectively and remain focused. The BOOX Note Air 10.3″ E-Ink tablet features three gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB ROM to provide large storage space for all tasks. In fact, the V3.0 firmware allows you to switch between interfaces with a fluid swipe. And the split-screen feature makes it easy to navigate between projects. Finally, this E-Ink tablet is compatible with Android 10, so you can install any compatible apps for work or studying.