BOOX Nova3 Android E-Ink Tablet with USB OTG

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  • Author: Daniel, 10.24.2020
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BOOX Nova3 Android E-ink tablet has been available. With an ePaper screen, the tablet is good to fit a long-reading session, and an included stylus provides a natural handwriting and drawing experience.

BOOX Nova3 is the successor to Nova2, which measures 196.3 x 137mm and weighs 265g. As shown in the images, the new model delivers a same appearance design with its predecessor. With the compact and lightweight design, you can effortlessly slide it in your bag.

The Nova3 Android E-ink tablet comes equipped with a 7.8-inch Carta E Ink display with 300dpi and 1872 x 1404 resolution to bring you crisp texts without causing eyestrain, and LED backlit delivers adjustable color temperature and brightness for a comfortable night reading. Furthermore, an upgraded octa-core processor delivers 30% faster speed than its predeccesor for a snappy experience. With 3GB LPDDR4X RAM and 32GB ROM, the E-ink tablet smoothly handles various apps.

With an included stylus 4096-level pressure sensitivity, you can even create artistic works on the tablet. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allows it to work with Bluetooth speaker, earbuds and more devices, and it has a built-in speaker. In addition, using USB-C OTG, it connects to an external storage device, transferring files, books and note in between. With Android 10 OS, it allows you to access numerous apps.

BOOX Nova3 Android E-ink tablet is priced at $339.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to the product page for its more details.