Support ONYX BOOX Faust 3


  1. Updated version of Alreader X Pro.
  2. Fixed a bug in the operation of the PUSH service and Wi-Fi Transfer.
  3. Removed battery percentage indicator from the system.
  4. Fixed interface translation.
  5. Fixed other known bugs.


  1. Download the update.upx firmware file to your desktop PC.
  2. Charge the device battery to at least 50%.
  3. Connect the e-book to your computer with a USB cable.
  4. Copy the update.upx file to the root directory of the device's internal memory, that is, simply to the ONYX disk, as it is defined in the system, next to other folders and files.
  5. Go to Settings> System Updates> Check for Updates in Memory.
  6. There will be a question about confirming the desire to update the system. Click "Update".
  7. The firmware will start. Lasts about 8 minutes.
  8. If the system menu appears during the process, select Reboot now with the paging buttons and confirm the selection by pressing the Power button.
  9. Wait for the user interface to load.
  10. After installing the firmware, you need to calibrate the battery. Before calibrating, you must reset the device to factory settings (Settings> Right arrow (top right of the screen)> Reset to factory settings). During the reset process, uncheck the "Clear internal memory" box, otherwise all files will be deleted. The procedure consists of four stages:
    • Write down the books that you will read soon.
    • Charge the book to the maximum without removing it from the charge until the orange LED turns off.
    • After that, disconnect from charging and use the device in normal mode until the battery is completely discharged (the cable icon appears with a request to charge), regardless of the rate of battery discharge. In the process of discharging, the reader cannot be connected to a computer or charger. Also, before the process is complete, you cannot do a factory reset.
    • Then recharge the book with continuous charge up to 100 percent.

Calibration completed.