Support ONYX BOOX Kon-Tiki 2


  1. Fixed bug with setting the backlight.
  2. Translated some previously untranslated options.
  3. Fixed translation errors.
  4. Improved performance and system operation.
  5. A number of other minor changes and improvements have been made.
  6. Fixed some bugs.


  1. Download the firmware update.upx file onto your PC.
  2. Charge the device battery at least up to 50%.
  3. Connect your ereader to your PC via a USB cable.
  4. Copy this update.upx file into your device into the root directory of the internal memory via a USB cable.
  5. From the main page of the eReader go to Settings > Firmware Update > Check for updates.
  6. There will appear the question: "New update package found. Do you want to update?". Choose "OK".
  7. Updating process will start. It will last for about 8 minutes.
  8. Wait till the user interface starts.