Support ONYX BOOX Nova 3


  1. Download the firmware update.upx file onto your PC.
  2. Charge the device battery at least up to 50%.
  3. Connect your ereader to your PC.
  4. Copy this update.upx file into your device into the root directory of the internal memory via a USB cable.
  5. From the main page of the eReader go to Settings > About > System Update > Check update from local storage.
  6. There will be the question: "New update package found. Do you want to update?". Choose "OK".
  7. Updating process will start. It will last for about 8 minutes.
  8. If there appears the system menu in the process, select Reboot Now with the help of the side buttons and confirm your choice with a short press of the Power button.
  9. Wait till the user interface starts.